• Osprey 240e Video Capture Card

Osprey 240e Video Capture Card 95-00454 Introducing the latest addition to the Osprey Video PCIe family of capture cards, the Osprey-240 professional analog video capture card. The Osprey-240e has been designed especially for the super high-speed PCI Express bus delivering legendary Osprey audio and video capture quality designed for the latest high-performance PC architectures.

Using the compact 1 lane PCI Express interface, the Osprey-240e provides a broad range of motherboard support by providing compatibility with 1, 4, 8 and 16 lane PCI Express slots Because the Osprey-240e is low-profile format, it allows for greater usability in small form factor computers. This makes the Osprey-240 the ideal solution for rack-mount encoding farms, custom enclosures, and other form-factor constrained environments. The new Osprey-240 can co-exist with other Osprey capture solutions in the same system offering a wide variety of input type and configuration options.

Content creators will gain the flexibility they need for working with various analog media input and output connectivity. The Osprey-240 provides connectivity for component, Y/C, and composite video inputs and for audio, it features Balanced and Unbalanced Stereo inputs.

WDM/AVStream driver
Cascadeable architecture allows for integration of multiple cards per chassis
Hardware audio gain control
Closed Caption extraction
Hardware Cropping and Bitmap Overlay
High-performance PCIe
Audio loop-back for monitoring
Osprey SimulStream® Ready
Niagara SCX® Ready: Remote encoder management and control

Video Input: Composite (BNCx1), Y/C (BNCx2), Component (BNCx3)
Audio Input: Balanced stereo (2 x XLR), Unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA)
Audio Output: Unbalanced stereo line level (3.5mm)
Low-Profile Design Board (includes low-profile bracket, not pictured)
PCIe (x1) – compatible with x1, x2, x8, and x16 PCIe slots
Windows XP Pro, Windows Server® 2003, and Windows Vista

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Osprey 240e Video Capture Card

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