Reckeen creators of the latest Video Production & Streaming technologies and Perfect broadcasting solution for professionals and beginners. Your own television channel. Reckeen 3D. Professional virtual 3D studio with comprehensive.

For more than 25 years we have been developing advanced solutions for top-notch video production and streaming. Our customers are both TV broadcasters and producers, AV manufacturers and individual consumers making video content for their own needs. Our projects always combine simplicity and ease of use with a professional result.

Reckeen 3D Studio HDMI 3D-HDMI-022

Reckeen 3D Studio HDMI 3D-HDMI-022 enables you to produce professional TV p..


Reckeen 3D Studio SDI 3D-SDI-039

Reckeen 3D Studio SDI 3D-SDI-039 If you are a professional producer of vide..


Reckeen ADB100 REC-ADB100-114

Reckeen ADB100 REC-ADB100-114 is a Audio Digital Box is an external device ..



Reckeen LITE HDMI has been created as a technology that combines the qualit..


Reckeen LITE SDI

Reckeen LITE SDI REC-LITE-SDI-015 is a complete and user-friendly system fo..


Reckeen VKey100 REC-VKEY100-060

Reckeen VKey100 REC-VKEY100-060 you have control over multiple functions of..

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