About Us

Future Micro Technology Inc. is a leading systems integrator and manufacturer of complete high-end solutions for Machine Vision, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Film, Broadcast, and DCC markets. We offer full enterprise workstation solutions custom built for Machine Learning, Caffe, TensorFlow, BIDMach, Theano, PyTorch, Torch, Anaconda, Python, NVIDIA cuDNN, and visualisation of deep neural networks for image classification.

We utilize our company’s technical expertise and market leadership, delivering an expanding array of innovative product
to power your Artificial Intelligence ambitions from developer workstations, to racks we offer certified workstations to Accelerate data science, Develop and test AI.

At Future Micro we recognize that our reputation is only as good as our service. Open and honest communications with our clients is essential in maintaining our reputation of delivering the highest level of quality Product and support possible. While doing our work right and returning it promptly may satisfy our obligations, we realize going above and beyond our client's expectations serves as the real measure for assured customer satisfaction.

Future Micro provides off-site technical support and a 3-year warranty to ensure your system's performance. You can reach Future Micro technical staff via email, or telephone. Our service hours are Monday through Friday,

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time. We will respond to your requests within one business day.

E-mail: sales@future-micro.ca

Tel: 905-275-3953