DekTec DTU-236A-RX 8VSB/QAM ASI Analysis Probe for USB-2

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DekTec DTU-236A-RX USB-2 hardware-based analyzer for 8VSB and QAM. Equipped with advanced RF measurement options and designed to operate USB powered, this is a very convenient tool for analysis in the field.


Light-weight, easy-to-use RF adapter for tuning to any UHF/VHF or cable channel in the 45 to 1002-MHz range.
Channel plans for world-wide regions.
Capture TS signals directly to file on a laptop PC for easy field recording.


Recording of QAM and 8VSB streams
RF measurements and TS analysis on QAM, 8VSB or ASI signals in the field
As a test-receiver for 8VSB and QAM signals