Datapath VisionRGB-E1S Single Channel

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Datapath VisionRGB-E1S single capture channel supporting up to 1920x1080 DVI or 2048x1536 Analog resolution. The VisionRGB-E1s captures the Analog/DVI data and triple buffers it into onboard storage. This data is then copied using DMA to the host system for display, storage or streaming.

When a Datapath graphics card is used, the VisionRGB-E1s transfers the data directly to the graphics card thereby increasing performance. The VisionRGB-E1s sends the relevant portions of each captured image to each display channel and instructs each channel to use its graphics engine to render the data. This fully utilises the hardware and dramatically increases performance.

When the RGB/DVI data is displayed on a non Datapath graphics card, the VisionRGB-E1s sends the data to system memory or direct to the graphics card, dependant on the software used for display.

The VisionRGB-E1s is an ideal solution for applications that require the capture of Analog or DVI sources in real time. Typical applications include:
Viewing Analog or DVI sources from PCs, MACs, Industrial/medical equipment, cameras and other video equipment
Streaming video applications
Video/Data Wall Controllers
RGB streaming