Datapath VisionLC-HD2 Dual Channel HDMI Capture Card

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Datapath VisionLC-HD2 provides a dual channel, high definition HDMI capture provides high definition HDMI capture card that allows captured video to be processed in real time to a processor or graphics card. The VisionLC-HD2 supports on board colour space conversion and scaling, providing the ability to efficiently transfer the video signal making it suitable for rendering or encoding applications.

The VisionLC-HD2 natively supports 32, 24, 16 and 22 bit YUV ad RGB formats.

Capture Channel 1
HDMI capture channel
297Mpixel/s maximum TMDS clock frequency
3840x2160 @ 30Hz 4:4:4

Capture Channel 2

HDMI capture channel
165MHz maximum TMDS clock frequency
1920x1080p @ 60Hz 4:4:4
1.6GB/s total DMA bandwidth
High performance up and down scaling
Colour space conversion to support any output format
PCI Express Gen 2 x 4 low profile
Datapath unified Windows® and Linux® driver support

The VisionLC-HD2 capture card has been designed for use within application models such as:
Medical environments
Simulation systems
Live events
PC and gaming console capture
Lecture and presentation capture
Real time streaming

Video Streaming
Built upon the Microsoft AV stream model, VisionLC-HD2 inputs can be accessed and enumerated in any DirectShow or Media Foundation supported application. A video for Linux (V4L) driver package is also available to download.

Tested applications includes:
Microsoft Media Encoder
Telestream WireCast
Opencast Matterhorn
OBS Project
Adobe Flash Media Encoder
Dataton Watchout