Cinegy Workspace Server

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Cinegy Workspace Server is for large organizations can be set up to provide a scalable enterprise volume platform. With the Cinegy Workspace Server in place concurrent access is available to all permitted users, with the number of simultaneous connections dependent on server capacity and network bandwidth.


By providing access to media files from anywhere in the world, Cinegy Workspace adds flexibility, efficiency and convenience to the Cinegy workflow production process. Changes made to database content via Cinegy Workspace are immediately stored in the Cinegy Archive database. Users can collaborate on a variety of tasks, including the content of bins, quick selection and logging incoming material.


Granular access rights control, user management and integration with existing enterprise IT solutions allow simple and secure management even for large user bases. Sophisticated security features are included to prevent unauthorized access to the media archive. Logging on to Cinegy Workspace requires a username and password along with a correct domain name and workgroup. Authentication is performed with Active Directory or LDAP to determine if a user‘s authentication is valid.