Blackmagic Design ATEM Camera Converter SWRCONV must be used in pairs or with a Studio Converter Extend your broadcast SDI or consumer HDMI camera using low cost optical fiber! Imagine connecting to cameras at remote locations on racing tracks, live sporting venus or even massive gold courses! Now with ATEM Camera Converter you can have more cameras closer to the action for the most amazing shots in live production! ATEM Camera Converter not only converts your camera to optical fiber, but it also includes talkback, external microphone input, program return feed, tally and built in battery power source! Now you can place cameras in multiple locations miles away from your switcher while keeping full broadcast HD video quality!

Professional Multi-Camera Production
ATEM Camera Converter gives you everything you need for live production in a single converter. Connect your camera to the SDI or HDMI inputs to convert to optical fiber, and connect your switcher program feed to the optical fiber input to convert to SDI and HDMI for monitoring. The SDI and HDMI monitoring outputs can be switched between your camera input or optical fiber input! Professional local microphone inputs are included. ATEM Camera Converter also includes an internal battery for remote use when your cameras are located far away from power sources, as well as built in talkback and tally!

Optical Fiber Link
Optical fiber is the perfect connection because it’s used in computer networking and is common, affordable and easy to purchase! ATEM Camera Converter uses a single mode optical fiber pair with LC type connectors, so you get the freedom to connect your cameras up to 147,000 feet or 45KM from your switcher!

Includes Talkback
In live production it’s critical for your camera operators to talk to the switcher operator so you can work as a team! ATEM Camera Converter includes talkback using low cost PC headsets or iPhone-compatible headphones, so each camera can communicate with the director at the switcher

Broadcast & Consumer Connections
ATEM Camera Converter connects to both HDMI and SDI video cameras! Video and audio are embedded into the optical fiber output, and microphone inputs are included for the ultimate in audio flexibility. That’s perfect when you need higher quality or wireless microphones on your cameras!

Perfect For All Types Of Events!
ATEM Camera Converter uses optical fiber for its connection, so you get long distances combined with full uncompressed HD video quality. This lets you move your cameras farther away from your switcher and closer to the action! Imagine placing a camera at the end of drag racing strip, at the starting gate of a horse race, or even at the far end of a golf course! Even low cost consumer HD cameras look amazing when used with ATEM Camera Converter! ATEM Camera Converter is perfect for concerts, sporting events or even lecture theaters, houses of worship, surveillance, or any remote camera location!

Ultra Tough Design
ATEM Camera Converter is designed tough enough for the rigors of life on the road! For incredible strength, ATEM Camera Converter is machined from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum with recessed connectors and a button control panel. This results in an incredibly strong design that can handle bumps and knocks without breaking. ATEM Camera Converter includes a side mounted clip, so you can hang it from your belt for maxiumum portability, then simply plug in your headset, camera and optical link! The built in button pad gives you control over power, microphone level, talkback and video, as well as battery indicators. You even get a USB port for software updates!

Belt Clip or Camera Mount
When you need to move around, ATEM Camera Converter is perfect because it moves with you! With an integrated belt clip, you can simply snap it onto your belt, connect the cables, and move around with ease. If you’re using a tripod, it’s easy to strap ATEM Camera Converter onto the tripod beside your camera. When your camera is located in remote locations without power, the built in battery will keep you going for hours! Or, when power is available, plug in the power and use the internal battery as a built in UPS!

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Blackmagic Design ATEM Camera Converter

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