Epiphan VGADVI Broadcaster Portable Streaming Device ESP0440

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Epiphan VGADVI Broadcaster Portable Streaming Device ESP0440 video sources such as a computer monitor, RADAR display or ultrasound monitor as well as SD video sources such as a camera feed. VGADVI Broadcaster can stream these sources as two synchronized, time-stamped streams or a multi-source layout with customized branding. Streams can be remotely accessed through web browsers, media players, mobile devices or set-top-boxes. Streams can be recorded to local storage and downloaded at a later date.
VGADVI Broadcaster is easy to setup and use, and works straight out of the box. Once configured, it does not require the use of a computer or any additional equipment - simply power it on to start encoding and streaming.
VGADVI Broadcaster Connection Diagram
Capture from screens or cameras at full HD resolution
Stream while recording
Manage and control either locally or over a network
Capture presentation camera, slides and voice simultaneously
Supports VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, composite, & RGB component
Use it everywhere – it’s portable with no software to install
Supports streaming directly to set-top-boxes, smart TVs, and electronic signs via MPEG-TS
Two video input channels (1 HD, 1 SD)
Single stream or independent streaming and recording
What's in the box:
The VGADVI Broadcaster device
One VGA to DVI-I cable
One HDMI to DVI-I adapter
One DVI-I to DVI-I cable
One composite to S-Video cable
Two Ethernet cables
One Power over Ethernet injector