ZeeVee ZvPro 810i HD Video Distribution QAM Modulator over COAX ZVPRO810I-NA

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ZeeVee ZvPro 810i HD Video Distribution QAM Modulator over COAX providing simultaneous IP streaming with no performance compromise, the one channel QAM, MPEG2, Encoder/Modulator unit allows you to easily distribute content up to 1080p resolution to an unlimited number of displays, using the TV’s built in QAM tuner, eliminating the need for cumbersome, expensive set-top-boxes or media players at each display. Its built in IP streaming functions can deliver stunning video to any media player or other IP device - perfect for digital signage. ZvPro units can be managed either locally through the color LCD screen on the front panel or remotely using the Maestro web based software.

Simultaneously encodes one unencrypted HDMI sources directly into an MPEG-2 IP network video stream as well as private RF channels that can be received by an unlimited number of HDTV displays.
Converts 1 unencrypted HDMI video sources into 1 digital HD channels on up to 1 RF Frequencies
Easily distribute unencrypted HDMI content in up to 1080p resolution
Frequency agile, MPEG-2, DVB-T/C encoder/modulator with simultaneous IP streaming
Supports Digital Audio
5 Year Warranty