WolfVision is a manufacturer of presentation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing systems and solutions based in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. WolfVision Visualizer systems are special optoelectronic devices designed to pick up images of 3-dimensional objects, documents, books, photos and other items from a working surface in high quality, providing a high resolution output signal for video/data projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards or videoconferencing systems.

WolfVision LB-38 Lightbox

WolfVision LB-38 Lightbox designed for dark transparent material like x-ray..

CAD $1,080.00

WolfVision Cynap Core 102024 Wireless Video Presentation

WolfVision Cynap Core 102024 Wireless Video Presentation provides the core ..

CAD $3,240.00

WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer

WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer 102020 entry level VZ-3neo Visualizer system ..

CAD $3,450.00

WolfVision EYE-14 High Resolution Live Image Camera

WolfVision EYE-14 High Resolution Live Image Camera is a powerful HD Live I..

CAD $4,530.00

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8light4

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8light4 102011 offering frame rate of 30 fps (fram..

CAD $4,590.00

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8neo

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8neo 102021 offer quick and efficient handling of ..

CAD $4,590.00

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8neo Plus

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8neo+ 102022 features a built-in LCD preview monit..

CAD $6,850.00

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8plus4

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8plus4 102012 is the latest fourth generation VZ-8..

CAD $6,850.00

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-9.4F

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-9.4F offering full 1080p output resolution and vid..

CAD $8,470.00

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-9.4L

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-9.4L is a laser projection system that puts red ma..

CAD $8,470.00

WolfVision Cynap Wireless Collaboration & Presentation System

WolfVision Cynap 102019 is a stand-alone all-in-one wireless collaboration ..

CAD $8,480.00

WolfVision VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualizer

WolfVision VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualizer specially designed to be used in medium..

CAD $12,070.00

WolfVision VZ-C12 Ceiling Mounted Visualizer

WolfVision VZ-C12 Ceiling Visualizer 1-CCD camera can either be integrated ..

CAD $16,995.00

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-P18

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-P18 102007 offers sturdy construction, compact des..

CAD $21,500.00

WolfVision VZ-C32 Ceiling Mounted Visualizer

WolfVision VZ-C32 Ceiling Visualizer features a 3-CCD SXGA- camera with 120..

CAD $27,995.00

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-P38

WolfVision Visualizer VZ-P38 is a high-end and multi-feature desktop visual..

CAD $29,500.00

WolfVision VZ-C3D Stereoscopic Visualizer

WolfVision VZ-C3D Stereoscopic Visualizer is ceiling mounted, and features ..

CAD $34,995.00
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