Unigraf DPA-400 1.2 AUX Channel Monitor

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DPA-400 1.2 is a compact, pocket sized device that provides a full DisplayPort version 1.2 AUX channel traffic analysis. DPA-400 1.2 and its Windows GUI enable the user to monitor, capture and document all messages sent by source, sink or branch devices.

In the GUI the user can evaluate each message message either as time stamped raw data or in parsed form, expressed with the same terminology used by Unigraf CTS Test software and the DisplayPort™ standard specification. This makes it easy for the user to exactly follow the communication versus the requirement of the standard.

DPA-400 1.2 is able to detect and parse all DPCD locations, decode the Sideband CH Communication messages and the activity of the Hot Plug Detect (HPD) signal and additional auxiliary input signals is tracked and time stamped.

Easy to Use

DPA-400 1.2 is USB-powered and measures only 10.5 x 13 x 3.5 centimeters, making it an ideal tool for a laboratory desktop and a snappy companion for a laptop computer. DPA-400 1.2 delivery includes a custom cable for bypassing the main stream lane signals outside the unit. This ensures that the signal integrity of the main stream lines will not be compromized.


- Device independent
- Data interpreter with time stamps
- Detect and parse all DPCD locations
- Decode the Sideband CH Communication messages
- Pocket Size
- USB controlled and powered


- Silicon validation
- Software debug and validation
- Resolve interoperatibility problems
- Monitoring and time measurement of events