Unigraf DP RefSource CTS LL 065032

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Unigraf DP RefSource CTS LL 065032 CTS Tool for testing DP Sink Devices. Unigraf DP RefSource CTS Tool consist of two components:

• Windows graphical user interface (GUI) application,
• Target firmware (FW) for the DisplayPort™ controller chip located in the Reference Source hardware.

The actual tests are implemented by the FW, while system control and status reporting are done by the GUI. The FW implements both the functions needed in the CTS tests and the normal functionality as DP Source.

Compatible with VTG-5225 DP and DPT-200
The tool can be used with either the VTG-5225 DP pattern generator or the DPT-200 compact size reference source. The functionality of the CTS tool is identical between the two devices. Both VTG-5225 DP and DPT-200 are connected to the PC by using an USB connection.

Clearly Organized GUI
The CTS test GUI is organized in functional tabs. Each tab includes a set of functionality needed for a task. Link Layer Tests tab for launching and monitoring Link Layer test, HDCP Tests tab for launching and monitoring HDCP tests and Link training tab for monitoring Source/Sink link training status.