Unigraf DP RefSink AUX Controller Software

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DP RefSink AUX Controller is a software that makes Unigraf DP Reference Sinks compatible with Agilent Technologies DSO90000A series oscilloscopes for DisplayPort Physical Layer testing. DP RefSink AUX Controller software can be used with with Unigraf UFG-04 DP test frame grabber and DPR-100 compact size Reference Sink.

• DisplayPort source devices PHY Characterization and Compliance
• Silicon validation during development stages
• Automated production line go / no-go screening

Features and benefits
• Available as a simple software upgrade for current Unigraf UFG04-DP and DPR-100  users
• Automation of DisplayPort™ Physical Layer Source testing
• Comprehensive macro commands and possibility to develop ad-hoc testing scripts
• Speeds up testing time with an affordable cost
• Compatible with the DPCD 1.2 specification
• USB Interface enables operation from a PC, oscilloscope or centralized testing station

An Efficient DisplayPort™ Testing Aid
The DP RefSink AUX controller provides a cost-effective solution for expanding the DisplayPort testing capabilities of the Unigraf family of DisplayPort source devices. When connected to an oscilloscope or testing station it automates DisplayPort Physical Layer compliance testing, letting engineers concentrate on other tasks while the tests are being run.

Source PHY Compliance Test automation
For Source PHY Compliance testing, only the AUX Channel and the HPD signals need to be connected using a standard DisplayPort plug connector or a suitable fixture. The DP RefSink AUX Controller features:

• HPD pulsing with programmable duration
• DPCD locations read/write
• EDID read/write
• AUX channel voltage level setup
• AUX channel automated sensitivity testing
• Link training with source device selection of final parameters
• Link training with forcing of desired final parameters
• Link training using CTS Test Automation protocol
• PHY compliance test patterns setup using CTS Test Automation protocol

Silicon validation
The powerful stand-alone Sink Console GUI is also available for interactive debug and validation of Source devices. Using a standard DisplayPort™ plug connector including also the main link, all of the Source capabilities and link parameters are available for inspection and modification, including among others:

• Lane count, bitrate, framing mode
• Video resolution and colorimetry
• Audio sample rate and ACS parameters
• Main Stream Attributes and Secondary Data Packets (logged and time stamped)
• HDCP status