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Unigraf DP RefSink CTS Tool software for DP 1.2 Link Layer Extensions compliance tests for DPR-120. The DP 1.2 LL CTS Extension tests for testing Source Devices are implemented on the new DPR-120 platform. Version 1 of the RefSink LL CTS Extensions tool will contain a set of tests specified in VESA® DisplayPort® Link Layer Compliance Test Specification: Extension Set 1.

The new DisplayPort standard version 1.2 has brought to the interface several new features. The most important might be a higher pixel rate allowing for higher resolutions and multi streaming i.e. serving multiple separate diplays with a single interface. DisplayPort version 1.2 (DP 1.2) will need also a new set of tools compliant to the new features. Since DP 1.2 is backwards compatible with previous versions the existing DP 1.1 compliant tools can be used to test some of the features. The new features will however need a new TE hardware.

Sets A+B containing link training related tests from DP LL CTS Extensions1