Teradek T-RAX Base Rack System

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Teradek T-RAX Base Rack System Comes with a Controller Card but Encoder/Decoder Cards are sold separately. T-Rax is a 19″ 2RU rack mount solution that allows users to mix and match up to 8 hot swappable cards. Options include encoders, decoders and also software platforms such as Teradek’s Sputnik and Core solutions. With a unified control interface and a 2.8” graphical display, configuring and monitoring your T-Rax is incredibly simple. T-Rax is also compatible with Core, a cloud-based encoder fleet management system that offers a drag and drop workflow for simple video routing.
T-Rax supports multiple configurations that can be easily customized at a moments notice. Whether you’re outfitting the T-Rax with 8 encoder cards for multi bit rate streaming or a combination of encoders, decoders, and Sputnik for master control, T-Rax is the easiest way to scale an IP video workflow.