Teradek Slice 756 HEVC Video Encoder 10-0756

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Teradek Slice 756 HEVC Video Encoder 10-0756 is a next-generation compression standard that offers a number of enhancements over H.264. Compared to AVC (H.264) compression, HEVC is 50% more efficient, which translates into maintaining the same video quality at half the bitrate or double the video quality at the same bitrate. In other words, H.265 will save you on bandwidth overhead and cost, especially if you're transmitting over cellular networks.


Stream high quality video content at half the bandwidth required of AVC compression. Switch between AVC and HEVC compression whenever you like.
The 700 series supports up to 1080p60 streaming resolution/frame rates.
Cube HEVC decoders support HEVC streams from 3rd party encoders.
Fully compatible with Core and its new transcoding engine. This allows you to take advantage of HEVC encoding when streaming to Core, while delivering your content in AVC to your destination.
Dual input (HDMI + SDI), compatible with the new Bond module, and available with GigE and dual band 802.11ac WiFi.