Tangent Devices

Tangent Devices is best known for producing class-leading Control Surfaces targeted primarily for use with applications which incorporate Colour Correction. However our products have been integrated with many other solutions ranging from editing and other post processes to control of camera and projector rigs.You’d expect that having a compact design means having to compromise ergonomics, features and control size. With the Element range, there is no compromise.

Tangent Ripple Entry Level Panel

Ripple is Tangent’s new entry level panel Designed for the occasional colou..

CAD $499.00

Tangent Element Bt panel

Introducing The Tangent Devices Element Bt panel With today’s multi-purp..

CAD $875.00

Tangent Element Kb panel

Tangent Element Kb panel With today’s multi-purposing work stations, whe..

CAD $1,125.00

Tangent Element Mf panel TD-Element Mf

Tangent Element Mf Panel with today’s multi-purposing work stations, whe..

CAD $1,375.00

Tangent Element TK

Tangent Element TK where desk space is at a premium, having a fully feature..

CAD $1,499.00

Tangent Wave2 Panel TD-WAVE2

Tangent Wave2 Panel TD-WAVE2 has been designed to offer maximum functionali..

CAD $1,595.00

Tangent TD-Element Bundle

Tangent Devices TD-Element Bundle features Function and style when it co..

CAD $4,380.00
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