Streamstar SW Live Production and Streaming Software

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Streamstar SW Live is ideal production and streaming solution for those who already have a suitable I/O device installed in their PC. Advanced, innovative and versatile live production and streaming software that enables users to easily produce and stream professional multi-camera video productions Streamstar SW Live Production and Streaming Software.


• Cut/Crossfade/Transitions switching modes
• Instant replays with Slow/Fast motion playback
• Replays In/Out animations
• Graphic overlays and Inserts
• PIP and Split Screen layouts
• Video clips and complex playlists playback
• External signal capture over DVI with keying
• Built-in Streamstar Encoder
• Direct streaming to Internet and mobile devices
• Popular streaming platforms integration
• HD recording of PGM while streaming
• Stream recording of PGM (simultaneous)
• 2nd display multiview grid
• multi system PAL / NTSC
• Full blown audio mixer
• Supports IP inputs from JVC streaming camcorders