SpectraCal VirtualForge Video Pattern Generator GENGPU

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SpectraCal VirtualForge Video Pattern Generator GENGPU reference test patterns for monitor calibrations using a Macintosh machine and video output device from AJA Video or Blackmagic design. VirtualForge is an innovative and convenient alternative to expensive standalone hardware generators. With VirtualForge, content creators can use equipment they already own to conduct fast, automated calibrations with CalMAN software.

Key Features

Reliable output levels.
Powerful software engine from the acclaimed VideoForge devices.
Fast synchronization with CalMAN software.
Convenient pattern generation from Mac OS X to your display.
Relies on popular AJA Video and Blackmagic Design video output devices.
Provides patterns via SDI and HDMI output.
Affordable alternative to standalone hardware generators.
Supports HD and 4K formats, depending on video output device.
Thousands of patterns included.

(ESD Software)