SpectraCal VideoForge HDMI SC-GENVFGII

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SpectraCal VideoForge HDMI SC-GENVFGII from AVFoundry is the lastest in compact, software-based pattern generators. Faster, lighter, and easier to use than its predacessor, the VideoForge HDMI features Wi-Fi connectivity and upgradeable patterns. Brought to you from the company that developed the very first pattern generator with a software engine, no other pattern generators can be as trusted for accuracy and versatility.

The ultimate HDMI reference pattern generator, the VideoForge HDMI is a versatile, compact HDMI digital video generator that provides high value video display performance test and calibration solutions. Includes a full range of 2D and 3D stereoscopic resolution formats, plus configurable internal patterns and custom user patterns for extreme solution flexibility.

Key Features:

HDMI Digital Video Generator with video formats to 1080p60.
External PNG or JPEG test images display directly from USB drive.
RGB 8-bit, RGB 10-bit, YCrCb 8-bit, and YCrCb 16-bit color output.
16 internal parameter-based pattern renderers support thousands of pattern variations.    
Web-based advanced control interface application with no software installation required.
Compatible with CalMAN Display Calibration Software.