SpectraCal CalMAN Studio with SpectraCal C6 VirtualForge ASMSTC6HVF-A

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SpectraCal CalMAN Studio with SpectraCal C6 and VirtualForge ASMSTC6HVF-A Precise color correction for studio and professional monitors and projectors. Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) produces faster, more precise display characterization.

Included in this bundle are the following:
CalMAN Studio Software
SpectraCal C6 Colorimeter
VirtualForge (Color Pattern Generator)

CalMAN Studio Display Characterization Software
Characterizes displays against standard or user-defined gamut and gamma profiles.
Isolates display color channel interaction to produce ideal decoupled color performance.
Independent hardware support of 50+ color analyzers and 30+ reference sources.
Supports popular calibration processors:
SpectraCal ColorBox