• Soliton Systems HD View 4 channel Decoding Software

Soliton Systems HD View 4 channel is a proprietary decoding software that is installed on the receiver PC, software receives H.265 video streams with a point-to- point connection, and is available as a 1-channel or 4-channel version. The received video can be output as SDI / HDMI from a compatible video output device. HD View is capable of transcoding or passthrough of H.265 HEVC streams to an IP Video Stream (RTSP/ RTMP/ NDI). The streams can also be pushed to a CDN, VMS, or directly to social media. HD View can be installed on any Win 7 or Win 10 platform with a minimum of 8GB RAM. A Blackmagic card should be installed on the workstation if HD-SDI output is desired.

HD View Key Features

Real-time decoding of video and audio streams from Zao, Zao-S, and Zao App
Available in 4-Channel and 1-Channel versions for any use case
Receives up to 4 live video streams simultaneously
One software for 4 transmitters means less equipment necessary to operate
Receives 1 live video stream
Optimized for use on laptops for maximum mobility
Included with purchase of Zao-S
2-way audio: audio communication between receiver and transmitter
Remotely configure Smart-telecaster Zao and Zao-S
Supports the following IP streaming outputs (H.265 passthrough or H.264 transcode)
Operates on Win 7 or Win 10 workstation (minimum 8GB RAM)
Live streams can be pushed to CDN, social media, etc.
Supports Blackmagic Decklink Quad 2 card for HD-SDI Output
Capable of recording TAF file locally

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Soliton Systems HD View 4 channel Decoding Software

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