Softron MovieRecorder 3 ST-3A005

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Softron MovieRecorder 3 ST-3A005 provides Apple Macintosh users with powerful and cost effective ingest capabilities as well as multi-station ingest control. With MovieRecorder, Softron Media Services offers its customers a cost effective way to capture video for collaborative editing. No media transcoding, re-linking or re-rendering is required. The post sessions are much more manageable with pre-editing starting at ingest and content fully online and easily searchable. With Edit while Ingest it is possible to start editing in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro or most other editing solution seconds after the ingest has started.

Open and flexible live ingest solution
Edit-while-ingest (growing files)
Gang and Schedule recordings
QuickTime and MXF support 

Closed captioning
CEA-708 recording 

Automatically detect incoming video format
Integrated Remote Control 

Automatic file naming and folder creation
Record to multiple destinations with different codecs