Softron M8Re 8 Channels Instant Replay

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Softron M8Re 8 Channels Instant Replay is a hardware & software bundle tailor made for Thunderbolt capable Macs. Simply connect the M|8Re box to one of the Thunderbolt ports of a Mac and immediately start replay up to eight HD channels or two 4K Channels (or four HD and one 4K) at a cost significantly less than other multichannel solutions. With the M|8Re, you can enjoy all the amazing features of M|Replay in a certified hardware and software bundle. We have gathered what we think are the highest quality hardware components in order to ensure the best experience possible. You receive eight licenses of M|Replay, together with one eight input video device.

Replay is done using the included eight licenses of M|Replay. You can set M|Replay to use any combination you want (and your computers supports). Six inputs and 2 outputs is very common in replay workflows.

Product Features

7x HD inputs + 1x HD Outputs
6x HD inputs + 2x HD Outputs
5x HD inputs + 3x HD Outputs
4x HD inputs + 4x HD Outputs
3x HD inputs + 4x HD Outputs
1x 4K input + 1x 4K Output

The 4K connection can be done using either quad-link or single-link. Note that in M|Replay, the input and output formats must be identical.

What’s Included

8x licenses of M|Replay (replay)
1x Dongle with the software licenses above (no changes or splits)
1x Compact Thunderbolt 3 Expansion Chassis with 1x low-profile PCIe slot (Sonnet Echo Express SEL)
1x Video card with 8x configurable in/out + 1x Ref input (or Audio LTC) on Micro BNC connectors (DELTA-12G-elp-h 2c)
1x Full Height Bracket (so you can place the Video card in a "regular" PCIe slot)
9x BNC Female to Micro BNC (HD-BNC) Cable - 1'
1x Thunderbolt 3 cable - 1.5’