SHAPE W-HAND12 Double Telescopic Wooden Handle Grip Arri Rosette

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SHAPE W-HAND12 Double Telescopic Wooden Handle Grip Arri Rosette telescopic Handles have 4 points of adjustment on each handle; one with the ARRI rosette that is attached to the camera's baseplate, two push buttons with 360 degree rotational handles and one red knob screw to adjust the length. The length is adjustable up to 1,5 additional inches (3,81 cm), and also gives you the possibility to rotate the arm on the inside to change the grip position and place it inside for a more centred position.

This product combines our new wooden hand grips with our well known patented technologyto add a nice natural touch to your rig. The wooden hand grip was designed with an ergonomic surface to add more confort when you are shooting for long hours. The product is made of Canadian maple hardwood and a high quality varnish top-coat to provide more durability. It is also made in Canada and covered by our Lifetime warranty on wood parts and CNC machined parts.

Compatible with ARRI Rosettes
Single red push button for fast & easy adjustment and red ratchet knob screw
Wooden hand grips made of Canadian maple hardwood
Supports quick release handgrips, with 8 points of adjustment
Ergonomic handles with wood hand grips for stability and precision
Ratchet knob for extendable arm (1.5" additional length) and rotating handle for multiple positions
Patented SHAPE spring loaded red push-button technology for fast adjustment
Individual rotation on a 360° axis
CNC machined parts and hard anodized aluminum
Stainless steel locking mechanism for durability