SHAPE Sony A7S Kit Mattebox Follow Focus

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SHAPE Sony A7S Kit Mattebox Follow Focus designed this cage to fit perfectly Sony A7S DSLR camera it provides you an easy access to the battery so you will not have to remove the camera form the cage when you change the battery. It's designed for cable protector, and to accommodate Sony's new audio packs. You always have access to the recording button, and the cage includes a removable top plate on the right top of the cage to provide you access to the control buttons on the top of the camera.

This cage is lightweight and solid, as it's made of CNC machined aluminum for durability. We also included in the design 1/4-20 threaded holes on top and on the sides to attach accessories.
Specially designed for the A7S Sony
Designed to accommodate Sony's new audio pack
Matte box and follow focus FFCLIC included
A7S cage
Candy handle
Quick release baseplate
A pair of 15mm 10" rods
Light weight and solid
CNC aluminum pieces for more durability