ProMAX Platform Online 1500 - 96TB

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ProMAX Platform Online 1500 - 96TB designed for Small to Midsized workgroups doing HD & 4K work by supercharging your creative workflows, Platform Online 1500 gives video professionals the most powerful Workflow server in the industry, with storage performance for 4K and beyond, and huge CPU power to offload processor intensive tasks.

The ProMAX Platform Online Series are High-Performance Workflow Servers, designed for video professionals to accelerate and improve their content creation process. They feature powerful shared storage that is optimized for video workgroups using Adobe Premiere™, Avid Media Composer™, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X™, Backmagic Resolve™, and other creative software applications. Yet ProMAX Platform also includes capabilities like built in asset management, transcoding, backup and archiving.  Platform scales easily for workgroups of all sizes, is simple to deploy, and integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure.


Edit Direct

Using professional creative tools like Avid Media Composer™, Adobe Creative Cloud™, Apple Final Cut Pro™ and others, creative users can edit directly from the server without having to pull footage to their local workstation.   

Industry Leading Video Performance

Utilizing a unique low-latency protocol Platform delivers high quality, consistent streaming performance required for online editing. No other shared storage system can generate as much shared disk bandwidth per 16 drive chassis.   


Platform is designed to scale easily for today’s dynamic video workgroups. Seamlessly grow your system from just 32TB to multiple petabytes and connect hundreds of users with no per seat licensing.

Extensible Workflow Server

Create highly efficient and connected workflows with Platform at the hub of your digital facility. Designed with the flexibility to connect multiple systems and technologies, Platform can communicate with any TCP/IP connected devices and can host services, websites and software applications.   

Connect Existing Storage

Platform’s unique ability to manage your existing Storage Systems creates a huge advantage over other systems.  By connecting storage directly to the Platform via Thunderbolt, USB, SAS, eSata, Firewire, iSCSI and other protocols, Platform can manage your existing storage and your existing investment lives on.

Integrated Archiving

With LTO backup and Archiving capabilities built directly into the system, media administrators can easily protect, deliver and manage their digital assets by copying to LTO tape. Platform supports full and incremental backup as well as full MD5 checksum archiving and uses industry standard formats like LTFS and tar. And with the ability to generate and view proxies of archived assets, users save significant time managing media assets.

A Better User Experience

Creative groups including remote contractors can easily search and access content through a simple but powerful web interface, and administrators can manage workflows, monitor performance and control system functions from anywhere on the network.   

Integration Friendly

Take advantage of the latest technology while protecting your previous investments. Platform integrates easily with existing IT infrastructure. Utilize existing copper and fiber cabling and repurpose your old RAID arrays to create a multi-tier storage network.   

Security Protection

Platform Servers run the advanced Windows Server operating system offering industry leading security protection with automatic updates.  Additionally, Platform can join an existing windows domain and thereby utilize existing user accounts and permissions schema making security implementations simple.