PNY Quadro M6000

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PNY NVIDIA Quadro M6000 accelerated by NVIDIA’s Maxwell GPU architecture, Sync board included as part of this turnkey solution synchronizes up to four NVIDIA Maxwell architecture-based GPUs and up to 16 displays or projectors per system. It lets you conquer your most challenging visualization workloads with ease and enjoy interactive physically based rendering of your work. 12 GB of GDDR5 GPU memory with ultra-fast bandwidth allows you to create and render large, complex models and compute massive datasets.

Plus, there’s the allnew display engine that drives up to four 4K-resolution displays natively with DisplayPort 1.2 support for ultrahigh resolutions like 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz with 30-bit color. Synchronize multiple displays across systems with the Quadro Sync board and accelerate data transfer with external I/O boards through GPUDirect for Video and dual-copy engines.

Maximum Display Resolution (Digital)

Max DP 1.2 Resolution: 4096 2160 at 60 Hz
Max DVI-I SL Resolution: 2560 1600 at 60 Hz
Max VGA Resolution: 2048 1536 at 85 Hz

Technologies Supported
Shader Model:5
Microsoft DirectX:12
NVIDIA Maximus:Yes
Quadro Sync:Yes
Quadro Mosaic:Yes
Quadro Digital Video Pipeline:Yes
NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video:Yes
NVIDIA 3D Vision and 3D Vision Pro:Yes
NVIDIA CUDA Architecture:Yes
NVIEW Display Management Software:Yes

Quadro Sync
Quadro Sync Connectors:RJ-45 Frame Lock, RJ-45 Frame Lock + BNC Genlock
Quadro Sync Thermal Solution: Passive heatsink
Quadro Sync System Interface: Any available PCIe or PCI expansion slot
Quadro Sync Power: 6-pin PCIe or SATA power cable

Package Contains
NVIDIA Quadro M6000 professional graphics board
Stereo connector bracket
Three DisplayPort to DVI-D SL adapters
DVI-I to VGA adapter
8-pin to dual 6-pin auxiliary power cable
NVIDIA Quadro Sync Board
Four ribbon connector cables
Three cable retention clips