PixelFLEX FLEXClear 3.9mm HB High-Bright Transparent LED Display

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PixelFLEX FLEXClear 3.9mm HB High-Bright 1000mm x 500mm is a 60-75% transparent LED display that can be placed in a window without sacrificing natural light in your space. The FLEXClear allows the ability to create a dynamic experience for your customers, while also meeting security codes and regulations. It’s slim design and high brightness can compete with direct sunlight. The FLEXClear is perfect for and retail, hotel, shopping mall, or commercial application. It is offered in 2 different panel sizes, 1000mm x 500mm and 500mm x 500mm!

Our cam lock system allows for easy hanging and connection between panels. This unique locking system works with a speedy and effortless, 4-step process: align, lift, click, and lock.

Single module replacement made easy improving serviceability.


Using high-brightness outdoor power supplies, the display can compete with direct sunlight exposure at peak times of the day.

Your displays brightness can be easily adjusted automatically during the night to optimize viewing and also help increase the lifespan of your LED.


Pitch: 3.9mm Horizontal / 7.8mm Vertical
Pixels/PSM: 32,768/m2
Brightness: 3500 NIT
Refresh Rate: 960Hz
Transparency: 60%
Panel Size: (Half – Full):  500mm x 500mm / 19.68 x 19.68in – 1000mm x 500mm / 39.37 x 19.68in
Panel Resolution (Half – Full): 128 x 128 – 256 x 128
Avg. Power Consumption (Half – Full): 50W Per Panel – 100W Per Panel
Max Power Consumption (Half – Full): 150W Per Panel – 300W Per Panel
Weight (Half – Full): 3.1 kg / 7 lbs Per Panel – 5 kg / 11 lbs Per Panel
Weather Rating: IP20