NVIDIA Tesla P4 8GB GDDR5 900-2G414-0000-000 Accelerator

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NVIDIA Tesla P4 8GB GDDR5 900-2G414-0000-000 Accelerator powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA Pascal architecture and purpose-built to boost efficiency for scale-out servers running deep learning workloads, enabling smart responsive AI-based services. It slashes inference latency by 15X in any hyperscale infrastructure and provides an incredible 60X better energy efficiency than CPUs. This unlocks a new wave of AI services previous impossible due to latency limitations.

Small form-factor 50/75-Watt design fits any scale-out server
INT8 operations slash latency by 15x
Hardware-decode engine capable of transcoding and inferencing 35 HD video streams in real time
Single-Precision Performance 5.5 TeraFLOPS
Integer Operations (INT8) 22 TOPS (Tera-Operations per Second)
GPU Memory 8 GB
Memorty Bandwidth 192 GB/s
System Interface Low-Profile PCI Express Form Factor
Max Power 50W/75W
Enhanced Programmability with Page Migration Engine Yes
ECC Protection Yes
Server-Optimized for Data Center Deployment Yes
Hardware-Accelerated Video Engine 1x Decode Engine, 2x Encode Engine