Niagara Video GoStream B264 Single Channel H.264 Broadcast Encoder 96-01600

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Niagara Video GoStream B264 Dual Channel H.264 Broadcast Encoder 96-01601 is designed for broadcast applications but can also be used for other applications such as IPTV and Internet streaming. GoStream B264 Encoder is a Single Channel H.264 Broadcast Encoder with ASI and IP outputs and balanced audio inputs.

Stand Alone or openGear card
SDI and Composite Inputs, ASI and IP Outputs - Encoder
IP and ASI inputs, HDMI, ASI and IP Outputs - Decoder
Multiple Outputs; Transport Stream (UDP/RTP), Adobe Flash (RTMP), Apple's HLS - Encoder
RTSP, RTMP, TS and HLS Inputs - Decoder
Decoder supports H.264 and MPEG2 decoding

Suitable for broadcasters but affordable for other markets as well
Input can be set to auto-detect or for manual selection
ASIC compression and Linux ensure 24x7 operation
Client software and SNMP provide setup, control and monitoring