MustHD M703S Hyper-Brite 2200-nit 3G-SDI 7 Inch Field Monitor

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MustHD M703S Hyper-Brite 2200-nit 3G-SDI 7 Inch Field Monitor designed for the professional cinematographer shooting in the field. The 7" 1920x1200 Hyper-Brite IPS panel has an industry-leading LED backlight capable of 2200cd/m² (2,200 nits) output. The brightness of the display enables viewing in sunlight without the need for a sun hood. The SDI and HDMI inputs can handle up to a 4K/60Hz signal and the loop-through output enables the use of external recording devices for maximum capture flexibility.

It is constructed with aluminum making it durable and fast cooling. It ensures the monitor's reliability and longevity. The programmable wired 3 button remote helps make your work easier. Easily set up your most used functions and be able to access them with the push of a single button. A velcro strap allows the remote to be attached to a tripod or frame.

Product Features:

1920 x 1200 7" IPS Panel
Luminance of 2200cd/m² (2,200 nits)
HDMI & Composite inputs
4K/60Hz 3G-SDI/HDMI Input/Loop-through Support
4K Support with support under the 4K
Focus Assist / Peaking Color Rgb
False Color for Under/Over Luminance Warning
Histogram and Zebra
Volume Bar
R/G/B/Gray-only display
H/V Mirror
3 Button Programmable Wired Remote
Four 1/4"-20 Thread Mounting Holes
Speaker & Headphone Output