MustHD M501H LCD HDMI On-camera 5inch Field Monitor

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MustHD M501H LCD HDMI On-camera 5inch Field Monitor is a versatile while easy to use on-camera monitor that aims to help camera operator (or assistant) focus the camera. With the professional features, it can become a great companion to your video camera and extremely helpful to your filming.

HDMI output duplicates an input signal and sends it out of from the output port. So you can watch on other monitors at the same time by the loop-through
The M501H is only 290g, very light weight. It gives you freedom to shoot well anywhere. See your picture accurately, consistently and clearly
This sunhood reduces the reflections during outdoor shooting and protects the LCD screen when folded. It can be installed or uninstalled very easily

Functional Bag (Optional)
The MF01 functional bag is for MustHD M501H. It can be used as a carrying bag and also as a sunhood.