Metus MAM Platinum

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Metus MAM Platinum is a scalable media management system, Its asset management and transcoding tools helps workgroups catalogue, share and protect every asset and project, andoptimizes every file for use. This Package includes 1 Archive Server license and 1 Process Server license. Default storage capacity is 20 TB for online / near-line / offline storage. Unlimited number of clients can log in to MAM Platinum. The clients are sold separately.


Metus MAM (Media Asset Manager) helps you do the following:
Organize your media assets into an archive
Track each file and project
Convert your assets in as many formats as you want
Help users find the right file fast
Secure your archive with appropriate access rights granted to each user
Export and deliver your assets in any format
Interface between your archive and 3rd partprocessing, editing and playout tools
Keep track of actions performed on your archive Metus MAM is ideal for any organization that has a valuable and growing archive of media assets.

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