• LYNX Technik GMPT HDRS 4K UHD or 4 x 3G Static HDR Processor + Frame Synchronizer

LYNX Technik GMPT HDRS 4K UHD or 4 x 3G Static HDR Processor + Frame Synchronizer is a fully featured broadcast quality HDR to SDR, SDR to HDR or cross standard HDR to HDR converter, with a frame sync and up/down/cross converters supporting formats up to 4K UHD (3840×2169). The static conversion process applies color and contrast conversion parameters equally throughout the entire program.

There are two modes of operation, the greenMachine will function as a single 12G 4K-UHD processing channel, or four independent processing channels for SDI signals up to 3G (1080p/60)

The greenMachine HDR-STATIC is a powerful tool for handling dynamic ranges and color gamut’s, presenting viewers with more vibrant dynamic images than previously seen, even without an up-to-date HDR display.

The conversion is simultaneously combined it with a static (real time) tone mapping algorithm. This allows the user to perform up, down and cross-conversions between common input and output curves including Gamma, PQ, HLG and Slog3 and conversions between full and narrow ranges through appropriate static tone mapping. Conversion between color spaces including Rec. 601, Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020 are also possible. HDR content can also be displayed, by contrast compression, on non HDR-capable TV monitors thus producing a high level of HDR-enhanced image quality for all possible display types.

The Signal processing also includes a dependable broadcast quality 12G up/down/cross converter with frame synchronization with full audio processing capability. The converter includes powerful scaling capabilities that also support a versatile Region of Interest (ROI) selection. When in four channel 3G mode you have 2 x high quality scalars with region of interest selection and 2 x UP/DOWN/CROSS converters

A bi-level SD reference signal as well as a tri-level HD reference signal can be used to synchronize the video signals. A timed reference output (SD or HD) is also provided.

Input for processing can be BNC, Fiber or HDMI. Output can also be BNC, fiber or HDMI (optional fiber SFPs ordered separately).

For 4k UHD signals the module accommodates 4x3G SDI (2SI Quad Link) or 12G SDI (Single Link) input and outputs. Signals can also be converted between single link and 2SI quad link.

Multiple additional processing features allows for adjustments of the video content, e.g. gain, hue etc. A basic test pattern generator is also available (per channel) providing the most common line & full field patterns such as color bars, pathological test pattern, full field colors etc.

The extensive audio processing capability de-embeds all audio as well as providing support for four external audio inputs or outputs which individually can be configured to be analog (balanced) or digital (AES) interfaces. Multiple internal crossbars allow for extensive audio shuffling including the MADI streams. It also provides full audio processing as well as multiple adjustable user delays for audio and video.

The greenMachine titan is equipped with a fully featured local control interface with an LCD which can display image previews and audio level meters of the processed video paths in addition to the graphical user interface.

Advanced configurations, monitoring and remote control is possible via the GreenGUI application (PC or MAC)

Each greenMachine is preloaded with all the available constellations (configurations). This package has the GMC-HDR-STATIC constellation installed and licensed. You can freely load any of the available constellations (configurations) for testing and evaluation at any time, the video and audio will be watermarked until licensed. You can have multiple constellations licensed for the same machine and switching between configurations takes only a few seconds. Constellations can also be shared if you have more than one greenMachine on the network.

This package includes:

1 x GM 6840 greenMachine Titan Hardware Platform
1 x GMC-HDR-STATIC Constellation (licensed and installed)
1 x RPS 6120 US Primary Power Supply (redundant optional)

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LYNX Technik GMPT HDRS 4K UHD or 4 x 3G Static HDR Processor + Frame Synchronizer

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