• Lynx Studio Aurora 16 Thunderbolt 3 Interface Converter

Lynx Studio Aurora 16 Thunderbolt 3 Converter have received praise for their remarkable capacity to convert signals without introducing color or artifacts. Lynx is the converter of choice for audio engineers and producers who want the best mixes and recordings. Lynx Aurora 16 TB3 become the most sought-after converters for these discerning professionals, Lynx converters must pass the most stringent tests and shootouts. The importance of precision has never been greater, and even the slightest signal degradation or coloration cannot be tolerated.

Discrete Converter Array

Some manufacturers use multiple converters on a single chip. While that is one method for fitting numerous converter directs in a solitary rack space while bringing down costs, it comes at a precarious expense in execution. The analog signal path for each channel at Lynx has been designed as a shielded, self-contained circuit. There is a separate conversion device for each pair of channels. By significantly reducing crosstalk and distortion and increasing dynamic range and performance, this has numerous sonic advantages.


16-channel configuration
Preinstalled LT-TB3 card
LSlotTM expansion slot for Thunderbolt, Dante, USB, ProTools|HD connectivity
Configurable I/O pre-amp, AES/EBU and Line A/D/A modules now available.
Up to 32-channels of real-time recording and playback via on-board Micro SD card
2 audiophile-grade headphone outputs
1 in/3 out Word clock I/O with Lynx exclusive second generation SynchroLock-2 sample clock technology
Universal power supply

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Lynx Studio Aurora 16 Thunderbolt 3 Interface Converter

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