Luidia eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Complete

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Luidia eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Complete M330AP0000001 brings interactivity to any surface, quickly transforming your classroom or meeting room into a dynamic and fully interactive environment. Stream anything you write or draw on your whiteboard or surface with regular dry-erase markers. Use the Display Bracket to make just about any LED or LCD screen interactive. Colleagues can focus, participate and collaborate. The Marker Pack includes a large eraser, four marker sleeves, and a multi-charge cradle that charges the 4 sleeves and sensor at the same time.

Includes: eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Product and eBeam Marker Pack with dry erase markers.

Package Contents:
Edge+ Sensor
Edge+ Wireless Dongle
Edge+ LCD/LED Display Bracket
2 rechargeable interactive styluses
2 mounting plates & 3M adhesive strips
4.5m USB cable
1m USB stylus charging cable
15 replacement stylus nibs
Quick setup guide
4 international power adapters
4 marker sleeves (4 colors)
4 EXPO markers (4 colors)
Multi-Charge Cradle
1.5m USB charging cable
Multi-Charge Cradle Quick Guide
Large eraser
4 large eraser felts
2 large eraser mounting plates & 3M adhesive strips
8 small eraser felts
4 international power adapters