Luidia is a world leader in interactive and digital capture technology with eBeam® and Equil® product families. Since our founding in 2003, we have focused on providing innovative solutions for use in business, education and consumer markets. Luidia, Inc. is a global company headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

Luidia Equil Smartpen 2

Luidia Equil Smartpen 2 includes built in memory and handwriting recognitio..

CAD $289.00

Luidia eBeam Edge Plus USB

Luidia eBeam Edge+ USB M320AP0000001 brings interactivity to any surface, q..

CAD $995.00

Luidia Equil SmartMarker BASIC

Luidia Equil SmartMarker BASIC M300A90000010 Capture everything you physica..

CAD $995.00

Luidia Marker Pack

Luidia Marker Pack M310AP0040001 includes an eraser and four marker sleeves..

CAD $995.00

Luidia eBeam Edge Plus Wireless

Luidia eBeam Edge+ Wireless M310AP0000001 makes any digital display instant..

CAD $1,150.00

Luidia Equil Smartmarker Complete

Luidia Equil Smartmarker Complete M300AA4000010 Capture, share and stream l..

CAD $1,395.00

Luidia eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Complete

Luidia eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Complete M330AP0000001 brings interactivity..

CAD $1,495.00
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