Inogeni Share2U Dual USB Video to USB 3.0 Multi I/O Capture

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Inogeni Share2U can simultaneous capture and mix of 2x USB2 signals + Audio into one 1080P60 USB3 signal device can be controlled by an application on the host side using our USB HID, RS-232 or LAN interfaces. You can also use the keypad on top of the device to control it manually.You can use the Mixer feature of the SHARE 2U to embed your two video sources into one single stream. This feature can be an important asset for you if your application only supports one video interface, like Skype®, Zoom®, Webex®, GoToMeeting® and all video conferencing applications.

Product Features

Mixer feature : Hardware mixer into a single USB 3.0 interface
Control interface : LAN, RS-232, USB
Local and remote keypad.
USB 2.0 cameras and HDMI capture
HDMI output for preview
Line level stereo audio support
Digital Fluid technology: Internal frame buffers maximize frame rate with any host
Hardware-based color space and sampling conversion
Compatible with Windows, OSX and Linux