Ensemble Designs BrightEye 2 Analog to SDI Converter

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Ensemble Designs BrightEye 2  Analog to SDI Converter provides uncompromised analog to digital video conversion of component and composite video. Analog inputs are digitized at 12 bits of resolution with 4x oversampling. Composite video is processed through an adaptive comb filter decoder. PAL / NTSC input detection is automatic.

Input selection and gain adjustment is made from the front panel. A status display provides an input presence indication. Video levels can be adjusted through BrightEye Mac or PC software.
Supporting both Beta and SMPTE component, composite, and Y/C formats, BrightEye 2 adapts to many conversion needs.
Use BrightEye 2 to digitize analog VTRs and cameras.

Use with VTRs and Cameras
Composite and S-Video Input
Component Input
SD SDI Output
12 Bit