DekTec DTA-2182-AG4 Dual H.264 HD Encoder for PCIe

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DekTec DTA-2182-AG4 Dual-channel version of the DTA-2180: Two H.264 HD encoders on a single compact PCIe card. Robust video encoding based on the field-proven Magnum encoder chip. No CPU cycles are spent for encoding.


Real-time H.264 or MPEG-2 video encoding for HD and SD formats, with integrated multi-channel AAC, AC3 or MP1LII audio encoding.
On-board multiplexer with low-latency ASI output. The transport stream is also available on PCIe for reading and optional further processing by a PC application.


Multi-channel H.264 program encoder for real-time encoding of multiple HD-SDI signals.
Encoding and tunnelling multiple TV services over IP.