DekTec DTA-2162-SXP Dual Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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DekTec DTA-2162-SXP Dual GigE ports for PCIe with StreamXpert 2.1 stream analyzer and StreamXpress player.


Double buffering of a single logical TS on two network ports and combination of two redundant streams back into one, for highly-available system.
Simultaneous hardware-assisted zero-jitter transmission and reception of multiple Transport Streams over IP networks.
Checksum computation and validation, 2D FEC generation with programmable D and L in hardware.
Advanced hardware-based IPv4 and IPv4 address matcher to offload the driver.
Time stamping of incoming IP packets for jitter analysis and monitoring


High performance based encoding, transcoding and multiplexing systems with real-time FEC-protected IP input and output.
IP jitter analysis using DtJitter.
For a 24/7 monitoring solution unlimited (limited to the available bandwidth) IP ports can be used by the Xpect software