Datavideo 1-Channel Instant Replay Kit

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Datavideo 1-Channel Instant Replay Kit is the most affordable, easy-to-use instant replay system that is available today for live sports. Video production team can use the HDR-10 to provide instant replay with slow motion to review plays for referees and coaches during games and matches. It can also be used to make highlight reels for college recruiting purposes.

Whether you are a professional video production house or a novice school production team, the HDR-10 makes it simple to add instant replay with slow motion to your sports video production. Thanks to its small footprint, stackability, and durability, the HDR-10 is an easy, non-disruptive addition into any existing production workflow. Solid State Drive (SSD) compatibility provides the fastest uncompressed video response time when performing live instant replay.

Add the ergonomic RMC-400 controller, which can command up to 4 HDR-10 instant replay units simultaneously to make a powerful, intuitive multi-camera replay package. Shortcut keys and an easy-to-use jog wheel make performing live

Replay-1 Instant Replay Kit Includes:
1x HDR-10 Instant Replay Unit
1x RMC-400 Multi-Channel Instant Replay Control Unit