Datapath VisionSC-DP2 Dual DisplayPort 2 Channel Capture Card

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Datapath VisionSC-DP2 offers video professionals the ability to simultaneously capture multiple 4K, Ultra High Definition, video feeds each at 60 frames per second. Developed as part of the VisionSC family of capture cards, the Vision-SC-DP2 offers unmatched capture performance and reliability.

Dual DisplayPort 1.2 Video capture:
2 Independent DisplayPort 1.2 Capture Channels
Maximum Capture rate of 616 Mega-Pixels/sec per channel
2 x 3840x2160p 60Hz
HDCP support

General Hardware Features:
8 Lane PCIe Gen. 3 interface, Net 6.4 GB/s total capture bandwidth
Frame buffer memory - 768MB
Single PCIe endpoint, adds no further PCIe buses
Embedded Audio Capture

General Software Features:
All standard Vision range features
Datapath unified Windows and Linux driver support

Physical Configuration
Half length, Full height
< 20W power consumption, passive cooling