Datapath VisionAV-HD

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Datapath VisionAV-HD is a 4 lane PCI Express capture card with three video capture inputs - two supporting HD capture and a third supporting SD composite video, these three independent video channels can be captured simultaneously. The VisionAV-HD also adds multiple channels of audio capture, which can be synchronised in software using time stamping with all video capture channels.

This half length full height card features a full mechanical sixteen lane connector with notches which will enable it to fit 4, 8 and 16 lane motherboard connectors. VisionAV-HD also adds embedded audio capture from the HDMI signal, which can be sychronised with the respective video channel. This video capture card provides balanced and unbalanced analogue audio capture, through an optional audio module (the Datapath AM2)

This provides a single flexible card solution for areas such as medical, lecture capture, web casting and video conferencing.

-4 lane PCIe lane bus, Net 1.6 GB/s total capture bandwidth
-Triple channel PCI Express capture card
-Two DVI-I capture channels
-HDMI/ DVI/ TGB/ YPbPr video capture
-HDMI embedded Audio Capture and streaming
-Low input to output capture latency
-SD/ Composite capture channels
-PAL, NTSC, SECAM up to 720 x 576 @ 16 Bit colour
-Direct DMA to graphics memory of third party graphics cards
-All standard features of the Vision range of video capture cards
-Driver support included within the Datapath unified Windows driver
-Driver support included with the Datapath unified Linux driver

Your packing box contain the following items:

-A VisionAV-HD video capture card
-Installation CD-ROM

Optional Accessories:

-DVI/VGA Adapter
-DVI/HDMI Adapter
-DVI/Component Adapter