Datapath iolite 600/102 Wall Controller

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The Datapath iolite 600/102 offers users the ability to include up to 6 of Datapath’s video capture, graphics or IP decoding cards. Combined with a high performance Windows system the iolite can; drive multiple screens simultaneously, delivering video captured from a range of sources including media players, television set top boxes and online & local media. The iolite is available as standard with an Intel Corei5 processor, 256GB SSD hard drive and 8GB of RAM. Upgrade options are available to allow the inclusion of additional, higher capacity SSD drives, more memory and an Intel Corei7 processor.

iolite 600/102 with WallControl 10 Standard
2x ImageDP4 (up to 8 screens)
1x VisionSC-HD4+ /H (4 x HDMI captures)

Datapath iolite 600 system is compatible with Datapath’s WallControl 10 software. WallControl 10 allows users to quickly and easily place video sources anywhere on the video wall. Common arrangements can be saved as layouts for recall at any time and any section of the wall can contain “carousels” of videos playing one after the other at definable intervals. Administrators of WallControl 10 are able to configure a single system to drive multiple walls. Each of these walls can be assigned a number of user roles, and each user role can allow different access to sources, local videos, layouts and templates.