Datapath ActiveSQX

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Datapath ActiveSQX Multi-Channel SQX IP Decoder Card decoding technology can uncompress encoded media for viewing locally on a video wall.  The SQX decoding capabilities include the SoftSQX application, where the core system processor receives and decodes the IP stream and PCIe card based ActiveSQX which includes a dedicated processor which can work alongside additional SQX cards, in the same system, to provide scalability and a huge number of simultaneous decodes.  Once decoded video can be passed to a graphics card (such as the ImageDP4) for display on a video wall, this means live video captured and streamed from New York can be received in London and spread across many screens.

H.264 is the de-facto standard in video compression and streaming. Used by IPTV vendors, CCTV equipment manufacturers, streaming media companies and broadcast markets, H.264 provides a globally accepted standard for video compression. SQX has been designed to work with h264 compression and allows customers to interact with video from a wide range of sources.

H.264 encompasses a number of profiles. SQX technology supports the following profiles:
Baseline Profile: Commonly used in video conferencing systems
Main Profile: As used in Digital TV broadcasting
High Profile : Critical for High Definition applications and storing to disk