Contemporary Research ICE-HE Ethernet Head-End Controller

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Contemporary Research ICE-HE Ethernet Head-End Controller a new solution for display system control and distributed media management, the ICE-HE Ethernet Head-End. Through a single Ethernet port, the ICE-HE can network thousands of iC-Net TV controllers, communicating over the same CATV cable that carries the media channels.
The industry-standard iC-Net protocol operates seamlessly over Ethernet networks, RS-232 control ports, RF coax, Cat5 wiring, and fiber optic cables. Our Display Express software or custom control systems can easily integrate all TV and video projectors across a facility or campus.
The ICE-HE typically distributes 1-way control over RF, operating in the gap between channels 4 and 5, without interfering with any other channel. 2-way control is available for legacy systems.
Applications include educational television systems, presentation rooms, auditoriums, pay-per-view, theme parks, museums and industrial video networks.

Connects to TCP/IP Ethernet network via 10/100baseT port
Networks up to 4,000 displays through broadband CATV iCC-Net and wired iCW-Net protocol
iCC-Net operates through same CATV coax as TV channels, requires no additional wiring
Clear-channel send and receive frequencies compatible with all CATV distribution systems
Operates over a standard cable system, simplifying installation and support
Compatible with fiber optic cable, or codec network data distribution
Sends commands to individual devices, zones, or all units from a single RS-232 port
Interacts with Display Express software as well as custom control systems
Provides LED feedback for network, control, and operation status
Mounts on shelf or 19” equipment rack