Contemporary Research 232-STSi S-Video Stereo PAL Tuner

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Contemporary Research 232-STSi Stereo S-Video PAL Tuner is a versatile RS-232 controlled PAL TV tuner featuring high-quality S-Video video and balanced A2/NICAM stereo audio output, switchable composite AV input, closed-captioning and on-screen text, 125 Channel Preset memory, front-panel operation and feedback, and intelligent RS-232 control. Designed for global applications, the 232-STSi is CE listed and  receives PAL B/G/ H, D/K, and I standards, as well as SECAM B/G, D/K, and L

The 232-STSi features a new, versatile solution for auto-tuning broadcasts that allows the user to mix and match different TV standards. For example, a viewer in Germany (PAL B/G, A2 audio) can also save presets for Belgian broadcasts (PAL B/G, NICAM audio). Channel preset search, TV standard, add, and delete can be controlled from optional iC-RC wireless remote or control system programming.

An onboard character generator displays on-screen text for closed captioning, channel names, interactive menus, and system feedback. Switchable inputs for composite video and stereo audio are included for display of PC graphics, VCR, camera or other A/V sources. AV from inputs and off-air broadcast are output as composite video, S-Video and Stereo, Mono, or Dual audio. Up to nine tuners can be integrated from one RS-232 control port.

Applications include S-Video TV origination for conference and meeting rooms, board rooms, and home theaters.

Tunes PAL CATV and off-air frequencies, storing up to 125 Channel Presets in memory
Features intelligent auto-tuning of TV frequencies, with the ability to save channel presets that include the frequency and TV Standard
Outputs S-Video signal for improved image quality for monitors, large-screen displays and video projectors, employing adaptive comb and anti-aliasing filtering, as well as cross-color and cross-luminance reduction
Delivers balanced/unbalanced A2/NICAM Stereo audio with programmable volume levels, as well as Mono and Dual A/B audio options
Switches between tuner and composite stereo AV inputs, outputs simultaneous composite and S-Video NTSC video
Stores programmable tuning ring in memory to control channel access
Operates using one of several control pathways: Full bi-directional RS-232 control and status feedback
PC control using free .NET Tuner Helper software (great for saving tuner channels and setup information
Front-panel programming options for tuning, RS-232 and operation setup
Optional IC-RC IR wireless remote, discrete IR and wired IR
Contact closure channel up/down